21 Aug

Intimate Mechanics: One Model of Electronic Literature

So having entertained some debatable claims about extremes, we can now turn to the far more interesting middle space...we find works like Mez Breeze's ][][_, Talan Memmott's Lexia to Perplexia, and my own Under Language, where scriptonic expression fuses with the vocabulary and syntax of computational code. Source: Microsoft Word - Moulthrop - Intimate Mechanics ELO 2016.
24 Dec

Mezangelle as Post-Human Writing

"I think poets in particular play a really important role in drawing attention to the way these technologies are evolving...Mez Breeze is maybe the most recognizable Glitch Poetics artist that I mention, in that her way of writing is a composite of code language (so algorithms or a written piece of code) and a poem.