Perpetual Nomads



Perpetual Nomads is the first Inanimate Alice Episode to be created in Virtual Reality. The project is the result of an Australia and Canada co-production with investment from the Canada Media Fund and Screen Australia. A 360 video version of Perpetual Nomads can be experienced on mobile devices and desktop computers, whereas the full interactive version is designed to be experienced through Virtual Reality headsets and desktop PCs.




“Perpetual Nomads is brilliant visual storytelling.”

– 2018 Opening Up Digital Fiction Writing Competition Judging Panel.


“Perpetual Nomads explores loneliness, paranoia, and privacy in the digital age. Using Virtual Reality, Perpetual Nomads innovates how narratives can look. Featuring engaging character work from sketchy online personas to too-friendly corporations, Mez Breeze opens up possibilities for storytelling through digital mediums.”

– 2020 Woollahra Digital Literary Award Fiction Judge Stephen Pham.


“Perpetual Nomads offers a unique storytelling experience, not only as a learning tool to teach children about the use of video games to convey narrative, but also as a narrative itself.”

– Adryn Hughes, Wonderbox Publishing.


“Really great environment and style.”

Rated 8 out of 10, SIGGRAPH 2018 Review.


“A wonderful new iteration of the long-running Inanimate Alice series. Mez Breeze brings her own voice to the character of Alice and the integration of sound, image, and animation with text brings the project up to date.”

– 2017 Queensland University of Technology Digital Literature Award Judging Panel.


“Perpetual Nomads is an immersive and visually impressive short story that contains great potential for discussions on technology and human behavior.”


“The whole experience made me want to return and investigate more…and work out who was a force for evil or good. Just like an episode of Spooks.”

– VR Educator and Author Erica Southgate.



+ May 2020: Perpetual Nomads won the 2020 Woollahra Digital Literary Award's inaugural Readers' Choice Prize.

+ September 2019: Perpetual Nomads was shortlisted for the Public Library Prize for Electronic Literature.

+ August 2018: Perpetual Nomads received an Honorable Mention in the 2018 Opening Up Digital Fiction Writing Competition.

+ October 2017: the Beta version of Perpetual Nomads made the finals of the QUT Digital Literature Award in the 2017 Queensland Literary Awards.

+ July 2017: the Beta version of Perpetual Nomads received an Honorable Mention in the Turn On Literature Prize.

+ May 2017: the Beta version of Perpetual Nomads was shortlisted in the 2017 Opening Up Digital Fiction Writing Competition.