7 Jan

"Marriage of academia and Aboriginal yarning": Forgotten Legacy of Aboriginal Stockwomen

*****Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that this story contains names and images people who have died.****** While the contribution of Aboriginal people to the pastoral industry has long been acknowledged, Ms Simone sensed a gap in the historical record. "In the 1930s, you actually find lots of information about Aboriginal stockmen and their participation in the industry starts coming out,"
3 May

"Hunted Down": A Mysterious Package Arrives

Well well well…I've been waiting for this mysterious parcel to show up for a while now, and it in no way disappoints. Consider the below a type of "visual unboxing" [or actually, an "unparceling"] of the latest in our "Rumors of My Death" project. This intricately beautiful remixed+remashed book offers the following by way of its official introduction: