3 May

"Hunted Down": A Mysterious Package Arrives

Well well well…I've been waiting for this mysterious parcel to show up for a while now, and it in no way disappoints. Consider the below a type of "visual unboxing" [or actually, an "unparceling"] of the latest in our "Rumors of My Death" project. This intricately beautiful remixed+remashed book offers the following by way of its official introduction:

A mysterious package arrives, a book in a muslin bag. The bag is marked ominously with the legend 'Rumours of My Death', and on the back the hastily scribbled hashtag #RoMD.

The final act of if:book's project Rumours of My Death has begun making its way into the world.

It is a short-run, highly bespoke print book called Hunted Down and Other Tales by Marcus Clarke.

Read more about the overall project here, and about this itchingly wondrous mini-mockumedia-tome here.