19 May

Rumours of My Death - if:book Australia

"Taking its name from music and remix culture, a 'mashup' in literature is an extended remixed work that often brings two disparate works or genres together and 'mashes' them into a single new work.

In literature, popular examples have taken the form of classic literature crossed with trashy genre, but Rumours of My Death will instead 'mash' past and present.

Rumours of My Death is a collaboration across time: an unmistakably contemporary Australian book from 2015 that still recognisably draws on another book published a century or more before. Rumors of My Death [is] a remix project that challenges three Australian authors to rediscover and re-imagine lesser-known works drawn from the public domain; a collaboration between authors across eras and media."

Source: Rumours of My Death - if:book Australia