18 Jun

This Week at MBD: Digital Fictions, Peer-Reviewing, Publications + Reviews

Alright, so this week - although only being officially half-over - has contained some absolute gems in the rampant-excitement-department: let's quickly cycle through em, shall we?

  • #PRISOM has been delightfully analysed in "Thinking Through Digital Media", a book that: "...offers a means of conceptualizing digital media by looking at projects that think through digital media, migrating between documentary, experimental, narrative, animation, video game, and live performance." Grab a copy of the publication here.

    'Thinking Through Digital Media' Cover

  • This shiny review of our Beyond the Interface Exhibition [and by the way, this weekend is your last chance to see "T[he]Issue" exhibited as part of this London showing]: "As we become more and more dependant on digital technology, with our phone screens never far from our faces, our Critic Kyra Hanson reviews Beyond the Interface, an exhibition where leading international contemporary artists explore the technical devices that pervade our lives."


  • Being contacted by the great great great granddaughter of an historical author who forms the basis of our upcoming "Rumors of My Death" literary remix Project with if:book Australia [amazing!].

  • The Australian Society of Authors has approached me to present at this 2015 National Writers' Congress Event [which includes a keynote by Helen Garner]: "We are planning a Conference for our author/writer members 11th/12th September this year entitled "Reclaim, Reboot, Renew: Creative Practice in the digital age" and we are looking for Sydney-based presenters for a session entitled "Live & Reactive" to hear and see from digital creators to showcase their work and speak about their experiences as multimedia writer/artists defying definition."

    Australian Society of Authors Conference 2015

  • Putting the final development and design touches on "Provocare", a digital fiction work co-created with Meg Vann and Donna Hancox and produced in Coordination with QUT's Creative Industries Faculty and Arts Queensland. Keep an eye out here for details regarding an impending launch on The Writing Platform.

  • This fabbo review of our literary game "The Dead Tower" from the The Hypermedia Art and Literature Directory [originally in French, but now translated by the wonderful Jean-Philippe Halgand and Ana M. Silva]: "The Dead Tower is a poetic work of Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze that unfolds in a post-apocalyptic 3D first-person view environment inspired by "The Red Tower", a short story by Thomas Ligotti (1996). Using their keyboard and mouse, the user discovers a nightmarish landscape, dominated by a large bleak fortified tower with elements that seem to have been left behind after a disaster: half destroyed buses, old couch, empty bucket… Text fragments float all around, borrowing tropes from Internet and video games cultures, flirting at times with cyberpunk themes: tales of stolen identities, consumerist cultures and obscure virtual wars… Climbing on the side of the tower and heading toward its back, the user finds a green door that opens to the inside of the building. Once inside, the visitor finds themselves in a church-like setting. Words concentrate in larger numbers, seeming to emerge from a red light bathed altar…"

    "The Dead Tower" Screenshot

  • Accepting an invitation to serve as a peer reviewer for the upcoming special issue of a Design and Digital Humanities Journal [woohoo!].

  • Happily confirming my involvement as a Featured Player of a spectacular netprov game: "In collaboration with Special America, Mark and I [Rob Wittig] are pleased to invite you to join a new Twitter-based netprov that will play through the entire month of July. We invite you to be a Featured Player!".

  • Superb progress regarding our Transmedia/VR "Pluto" project [the Developer's Journal is looking spectacular indeed: thanks, Andy!].

    "Pluto": Work in Progress

  • Amped about nutting out the extension of my current "Inanimate Alice" involvement to future episodes [yeehah!].