5 Oct

#Provocare Hard Launch + Assorted Announcement Goodness

Away-stepping from tech for a long weekend and it seems 'sif the digital world continues to turn without me being in it [how *dare* it! ;)]. Anyhoo, just checking into the Studio and *BOOM!!* - excite-worthy announcements are now splathered all over the shop, including:

  • Transitio_MX06 is wrapping up as we speaktype, with #PRISOM having showcase-featured alongside such gobstonkingly great games as The Stanley Parable and Papers, Please.

  • My game-maker-partner-in-crime, Andy Campbell, giving this fabbo Digicult interview with insights into our upcoming #Plutogame. Silvia Bertolotti has this to say about Pluto during the interview: "The result is an immersive digital fiction, exploring the boundaries between gaming and electronic literature, while questioning the meaning of identity, objects reality and memories. Gaming features are significantly present in a sophisticate digital landscape combining also narrative components and multimedia elements (like graphics, gaming, animations etc). The visual style alternates dream inspired atmospheres and elaborated graphic effects, contributing to an extraordinary aesthetic outcome, entwining gameplay and novelistic patterns."

  • The hard launch of our Provocare digital fiction: "'Provocare' is a multimedia verse thriller created by Meg Vann, writer; Mez Breeze, interaction designer; and Donna Hancox, research lead for Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). It is the first work to be commissioned and produced for 'Queensland Writers on the International Stage', an Arts Queensland funded programme created by QUT and The Writing Platform. 'Provocare' is based on 'Provocation', a short story by Meg Vann, that has been adapted and made into a multimedia verse thriller by the writer working in collaboration with Mez Breeze and Donna Hancox. The work explores themes of female agency and violence against women at a time in Australia when sixty-three women have been murdered by their intimate partners or ex-partners in 2015 alone."

  • The fizzingly-yes news that a certain Indie Games fest wants to showcase our #Plutogame [the details of which are unfortunately embargoed for now, but not for long].

Provocare Digital Fiction Project