2 Nov

2017 International Festival of Virtual Reality: "Las Ranetas"

So there's certain news tidbits that I should've been rabidly noting down here lately [think: this, that, and the other], but due to deadline insanity and crazyhuge workloads, instead I've found myself in a-neglect-my-blog rut...

…until now.

I'm the very definition of thrilled [look it up in the dictionary: betcha there's one o' my Virtual Reality avatars sitting there looking right smug] to be showing three Virtual Reality works at this 2017 International Festival of Virtual Reality hosted by the cultural association "Las Ranetas". The Festival includes a bunch of amazing [and I mean pinch-me-cos-I'm-fangirling amazing] projects, such as the Emmy Award winning Oculus Story Studio produced Dear Angelica, Tilt Brush works by the always fab Tamiko Thiel, and the BBC produced The Turning Forest. There's also works by the so-incredibly-talented-it-just-about-hurts Anna Zhilyaeva, along with Crackle/Sony's Snatch [and how's *that* for a phrase?].

If you find yourself Spain-bound and want the lowdown on the Festival's exhibition dates and venues, here's a bit o' a blurb from the official press release:

3rd Contest of Virtual Reality "Las Ranetas"

From the 3rd to the 19th of November at the Exposition hall in AlcaƱiz (Spain).

For the third year in a row the cultural association "Las Ranetas" has organized the International Festival of Virtual Reality, in which we have a broad selection of experiences, shorts and other artistic works made in virtual reality.