8 Nov

Perpetual Nomads: News Aplenty.

So again I find myself in the middle of an excitement-propelled update of all things Perpetual Nomads, which has been powering along on exhibiting, showcasing and archiving fronts. Here's 3 of the latest newsworthy gigs Perpetual Nomads is currently [or soon to be shown] at:

  • For lucky Canadians, Fraser Valley Regional Library is today launching the first of three initiatives for library audiences to experience our Perpetual Nomads VR Adventure in its entirety at library locations in Delta, Maple Ridge and Abbotsford, using the HTC Vive VR system to immerse participants in the world. From the official press release: "Teens and tweens will soon experience interactive virtual reality fiction at their library. Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads is launching this month. This program uses the HTC Vive VR system to [show] Perpetual Nomads...the most recent installment in the Inanimate Alice digital novel and the first to be offered in virtual reality."

  • For anyone Spain-located (or Spain-bound), Perpetual Nomads is being showcased alongside amazing projects like Polyarc's Moss and Disney/Pixar's Coco VR at the 4th Ranetas Virtual Reality Festival at the AlcaƱiz (Teruel) province of Aragon. The Festival runs from the 9th to the 25th of November.

  • And finally, Perpetual Nomads is now officially archived at the Australian-based National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) which holds: "...700,000 items and spans more than 100 years of film, television, radio and recorded sound." Wahoo!