31 Mar

No Legacy: Literatura Electronica Opening Symposium

Well worth the watch [+ happy to learn from this Symposium that when completed, my own Duke Uni/David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library archive will sit alongside those of Judy Malloy, Stephanie Strickland, and Rob Kendall: such amazing companions].
19 Aug

Codework + Code Poetry: What The...?

It's not often I get to post here about codework [I nearly typed "codwork" instead then, heh]. Way back in the 1990's when this thing called the "World Wide Web" was kicking off [you *may* just have heard of it?] codework and code poetry were virtually unrecognised genres. Back then, Alan Sondheim, Ted Warnell, Talan Memmott, the anarcho 7-11 crew [myself included], and various Eastgate and Electronic Lit types were rampantly gestating this mix of poetically-infused codecraft.
13 May

"Repurposing in Electronic Literature" Publication Coming Soon

Amped about my imminent contributor copy arrival of Enter Mag's "Repurposing in E-Lit" Edition: the mag is so beautifully designed. Was sincerely a blast dead-tree-format-reimagining our VR code poetry app #Carnivast in such a way. For those of you who can't quite wait for a physical copy to hit the shelves, here's a taste of the edition itself: