19 Aug

Codework + Code Poetry: What The...?

It's not often I get to post here about codework [I nearly typed "codwork" instead then, heh]. Way back in the 1990's when this thing called the "World Wide Web" was kicking off [you *may* just have heard of it?] codework and code poetry were virtually unrecognised genres. Back then, Alan Sondheim, Ted Warnell, Talan Memmott, the anarcho 7-11 crew [myself included], and various Eastgate and Electronic Lit types were rampantly gestating this mix of poetically-infused codecraft.

Chuck a decade or two into the intervening mix, and - *tahdah!* - here we are mid-2015, and not only has codework [in the more acceptable guise of "code poetry"] started to emerge from its obscurity hole, but it's actually being published beyond the niche. Just this morning I'm actually proofing a codework o' mine for an upcoming edition of a Cordite Poetry Review and The Lifted Brow co-issue. This issue is edited by the Auslit great Luke Davis + the specific codework that's being published is one of my favourites [is it acceptable to state that about one of your own works? *shrugs*]. Add this to the fact I've been publisher-head-hunted for two [count em, two!] codework/codepoetry manuscript solicitations in the past year, and I'd say codeworking is gradually peeping over a slowburn-recognition-horizon.