The XR Artists Collective

Founded by Mez Breeze and Kevin Ang, the XR Artists Collective is dedicated to encouraging creatives using XR arts-based technologies to share their work, discuss relevant issues, and access resources. Whereas other groups devoted to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality art might compartmentalise creative output into subgenres, the XR Artists Collective is all about hybrid works and genres, and the interplay of techniques and forms that overlap and intersect.


  • One of our fabulous members, Jose Andres Rosero, has complied this list of XR Artists Tools, an incredibly valuable resource.
  • We’re also developing makings-of, tutorials, how-tos and other XR tinker-based lists here.

Where To Find Us

Join us on Facebook (urgh, we know) for all latest shenanigans, discussions and activity. To join our Discord, please contact us for an invite.