31 Oct

Best Overall Game Award Goes to...All The Delicate Duplicates!

Amazingly tingle-fueled news: All The Delicate Duplicates has won the Open Arcade "Best Overall Game" Award at this years Game City Festival! Three games were nominated for this Best Overall Game Award, our very own, Akuto and The Last Leviathan. In short: WOOT! Tam, our lovely Producer, accepting the Award on behalf of myself and Andy [she's dead center in the Winner line-up].
19 Feb

Launch of The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 3

Very happy to have "The Dead Tower" included in this supercool collection. Announcing the publication of the Electronic Literature Collection Volume 3, which launched today at an event at the Stedman Art Gallery at Rutgers University, Camden. This third volume features 114 works from 26 countries in 13 languages. The latest collection, drawn from over 500 submitted and solicited works, represents a wide range of forms and styles, including poem generators, bots, interactive fiction, mobile apps, and more.
3 Feb

Digital Games as Collaborative Story-Writing Platforms

Can a game help you write a meaningful story with others? Academic discussion of collaborative story-writing games usually contains reference to Surrealist game Exquisite Corpse, known to many as Consequences. In it, a game rule prohibits players, writing in turn, from reading most of the story written before their contribution. This rule promotes a fragmented form of narrative which, although often inventive and entertaining, does not often fulfill the normal requirements of a story.
5 Dec

#PRISOM + Pluto at the 8th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling

Now the showcasing-dust has settled and the conference is all wrapped up, have a dual-image-squizz at the #PRISOM and Pluto setup at the exhibition component of the 8th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling: PRISOM Being Played At ICIDS 2015 Pluto Environment Demo at ICIDS2015 If you could do with a quick explanation of the Show, here's one:
5 Oct

#Provocare Hard Launch + Assorted Announcement Goodness

Away-stepping from tech for a long weekend and it seems 'sif the digital world continues to turn without me being in it [how *dare* it! ;)]. Anyhoo, just checking into the Studio and *BOOM!!* - excite-worthy announcements are now splathered all over the shop, including: Transitio_MX06 is wrapping up as we speaktype, with #PRISOM having showcase-featured alongside such gobstonkingly great games as The Stanley Parable and Papers, Please.