29 Jun

A Frissonic Monday MBD Update: Who'dathunkit?

So now that you're getting used to a MBD update mid-week....SURPRISE! Let's mix-it-up-a-tad and slot one into the Monday mix [this could be the last for a while, as that workaholic mode is gonna be revved up high for the foreseeable future - so let's go at it full pelt, shall we?]:

  • Locking in the interview date/time for "…talking about your life in e-literature" with Rob Wittig and Mark Marino. We've slotted this in for hump day [see, Wednesday had to feature strongly in here somewhere, right?;)] which conveniently is the day our #ATH15 netprov performance starts. Lovely timing, yes?


  • We *finally* have an announcement date for some fizzingly-exciting [but still unfortunately embargoed] news related to "Pluto". Andy and I have been positively bursting at the bio-seams with this, so it's great to be finally informed by the powers on high that the news can be officially revealed soon. Can't wait to share: the announcement date is early August, so set your clocks, calendars and/or sundials accordingly. We've also started a new Pluto Tumblr channel here, so feel free to do the "Follow"-button-click dance if you're into that type o' thang.

  • Working out the logistics of another invitation to Festival-present, this time at the 2015 Brisbane Writers Festival's STORY+ Event: "STORY+ is a forum which explores literature and narrative at the intersection of technology, design and data. Brisbane Writers Festival (BWF) is a vibrant cultural event…This year's Festival takes place from 2-6 September, 2015. More than 35,000 people engage with the Festival's programs and activities and I am excited about presenting a diverse program that not only features wonderful books and authors of all genres, but also poets and singer songwriters, comic writers and artists, games writers, screenwriters, playwrights and journalists. In addition to our celebration of storytelling of all forms, in 2015 BWF will continue to broaden its focus as a festival of writing and ideas, engaging thought leaders from the fields of philosophy, design, science, media and politics. This year we will be joined by Naomi Alderman (Zombie Run), Mike Jones, Tom Uglow (Google Creative Lab) and a batch of great collaborative writers, designers, game makers."

    STORY+ 2014 Panel: Lauren Beukes, Mike Jones, Greg Broadmore, Malcolm Neil and Jason Nelson. Image Credit: theunreliablenarrator.com.au

  • Our #RoMD Project is build-striding along nicely [here's a cover shot of Anna Maria Bunn's novel, "The Guardian", which (combined with her life story) is part of the source material for the project]. This photographed version of the novel currently sits pretty in the archives of the National Library of Australia [explains the white glove usage, huh].

  • The following Inanimate Alice video montage [put together by the fabbo Andy Campbell + hard-working Ian Harper] summarises the story and showcases experiences in classrooms in Kentucky US (English), Saskatoon, Canada (French) and Colombia, South America (Spanish). A short review of the Japanese translations and Language Learning Journals is provided as context. And if you look closely at the last section of the vid, you'll see some game assets I've lovingly crafted specifically for Inanimate Alice Episode 6 whiz past [also check out this post's header image for more MBD-does-Inanimate-Alice-Ep6-design-goodness].

  • And last, but not least, a brief [and unfortunately paywalled] glimpse at a recent article-slash-interview-set by Jason Nelson. In this article [entitled "Digital Writing is Now, Not New"] Jason interviewed a bunch of us better-known Aussie Digital Writers, including Benjamin Laird, Anna Gibbs, Hazel Smith, and Simon Groth [+ others] for the latest edition of the Australia Author Magazine. Find a few screengrabbed extracts from the article below.