18 Sep


The wonderful Skot Deeming has curate-included #PRISOM, our anti-surveillance game made with Dreaming Methods and Chris Joseph, as part of this fantastic festival. #PRISOM is exhibited alongside such other amazing projects as The Stanley Parable, Papers, Please and Atari-Noise.

Since 2005, The National Council for Culture and Arts, through the National Center of Arts and the Multimedia Center, has been organizing the Electronic Arts and Video Festival, Transitio_MX, which has become Mexico's most important platform for expression and contemporary practices in artistic creation that are linked to technology, as well as hybrid productions created by the merge of art, science, technology and humanities. The aim of the festival has been to create a dialogue around the problems that the artistic and technological practices are going through. Based on a different topic, each of the mentioned practices, has given the possibility of conceiving technology as a territory in where diverse disciplines are integrated into a creative force in order to produce objects of art and reflect on those. To achieve this goal each festival contemplates four integral parts: A contest, a sample, a symposium and workshops. All the previously mentioned, along with different alive performances, call upon different kind of audiences and visions. A collegiate mode of operation was established to guarantee the continuity as well as the organic and plural evolution of the festival. A Planning and Evaluation Counsel for the festival was appointed in 2004. The members of the Counsel are independent artists, managers, cultural managers and officers from the National Centre of Arts.