8 Dec

Countdown Begins to "Inanimate Alice: The Last Gas Station" Beta

It's been a long time coming, and now the beta release of Episode 6 of the born-digital series Inanimate Alice is so close we can almost taste it. Ian Harper, the Series Producer [with whom I'm currently in the midst of cooking up an exciting new Inanimate Alice Storyverse co-production] has this to say about "The Last Gas Station": "In episode 6 of the series Alice drops her latest adventure into a fully immersive 3D environment that is every bit as dynamic and interactive as a game".

If you're just too curious to wait for Episode 6 to drop, then feast your eager-beaver eyes on this just released teaser trailer:


There's also the fabulous devblog found here [created by lead developer Andy Campbell with wordsmith Kate Pullinger, audio genius Chris Joseph + the odd editing nitpick from yours truly] to keep you entertained until the Episode 6 beta hits the shelves.