12 Jan

The Shortlist - 2015 New Media Writing Prize

The 2015 NMWP Shortlist is out now: huzzah! And one of those projects that made the shortlist is our "I Work for the Web" Netprov: double huzzah [+ a corresponding deluge of gratuitous exclamation marks indicating as such]!!!! The fabbotastic Mark C. Marino had this to say about the shortlisting:

Nice news: I Work for the Web was shortlisted for the New Media Writing Prize! I Work for the Web was a netprov run last spring created by Rob Wittig & myself with featured players Jean Šrámková, Cathy Podeszwa, Davin Heckman, Joellyn Rock, Arianna Gass, Jessica Pressman, Jeremy Hight, James Winchell, Matt Olin, Stuart Moulthrop, Talan Memmott, Philip Wohlstetter, Chris Rodley, Liz Hughes Wiley, Jeff T. Johnson, Claire Donato, Mez Breeze, Lee Skallerup Bessette, Michael J. Maguire, Leonardo Flores, Ian Clarkson, Jason Farman, Sarah-Anne Joulie, Reed Gaines, Lari Chandler Tanner, Chloe Vanessa, Amit Ray, Michelle Chihara, Ben Grosser, Skyler Lovelace, Zach Whalen, Jim Brown, Emily Pooley.

My #IWFW Character CatterWaull Hamming It Up

I had an absolute blast creating and scripting my "I Work for the Web" project character - a disgruntled Union thug who just happens to be a puss named CatterWaul - with one of my fav parts being the creation of the #IWFW-Union #Bigcat buddies, SpottyJack + ShopStewart.

A big phat grats to all the 2015 NMWP fellow nominees. And don't forget to clickityclick your vote-choice in the People's Choice Awards here.

Source: The Shortlist — New Media Writing Prize