22 Sep

MasterpieceVR: Lessons Learned

So lately I've been tinkering away with a fantastic new VR creation tool called MasterpieceVR, with which I've been happily experimenting my little creative heart out.

Today, when videoing one of my MasterpieceVR 3D/VR models [which I had quite high hopes for], in my slightly frizzled-and-too-hyped-up-creative-state, I managed to accidentally save over it. One minute, there it was in near-finished glory [ie present in the VR space] and then, gone. Kaput. Vamooshed into the Virtual Reality ether. Which was quite a shock, and I only blame myself: I should have been more careful with my backups and less enthralled with my creative process + output.

Here's a video of the now lost version:

Plus here's a vid of an earlier version that I attempted to mod, with limited success [note the slightly "hawkward" back legs and overall clumsiness as opposed to the lighter, more abstract/gestural sense of the critter-figure in the above]:

..and here's a more successful attempt at modding an intermediary version that's still not quite right [too much orange?]:

Anyway, lesson learnt: be diligent about backups. Always save multiple copies. Always double-check versions!