2 Nov

How BoJack Horseman Subverts Narrative

"...he wants life to be as simple as it is in a sitcom. He wants easy closure. He's always seeking validation and forgiveness, but unlike his sitcom where they're guaranteed, in real life he never earns them. Interestingly enough not getting this closure only exacerbates his problems, and he continues his own loops of addiction, self-destruction, and driving away his friends. In other words, believing that life can be this way only makes his life harder...if your actions never show that you're a good person, then are you really a good person? The show encourages us to break these cycles, to redefine our narrative as one that happens day to day, not one that has some great ending and that no matter what cards were dealt in life we have an individual responsibility for our actions, and our happiness, each day. Everyone has a story to tell: it just may not be the one you see in the media."