17 May

"VR for Education" Reviews Perpetual Nomads

We're positively chuffed here at Mez Breeze Design Headquarters to report that Elliot Hu-Au, a reporter from the publication "Virtual Reality in Education", has taken the time to review our VR Experience Perpetual Nomads. It's a great review which includes such gems as:

"Perpetual Nomads is an immersive and visually impressive short story that contains great potential for discussions on technology and human behavior. The entire VR experience takes about half an hour to complete and could easily be used in schools."

"Normally, reading someone else's texts would be relatively boring, however the suspense created by the visuals and audio soundtrack motivate the player to look for information in the dialogue. Also to Perpetual Nomad's credit, I found myself quite nervous at times that certain characters would jump out or come running towards me down an empty corridor. This is a good design choice, as having guided adolescents through VR before, I know there is certainly an attraction to suspenseful, thriller-type atmospheres."

"If a school is lucky enough to have an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, then Perpetual Nomads could certainly be used as an in-class, educational tool. While one student is in the VR experience, others can watch a mirrored view of what the player sees. Or some kind of prolonged unit could be done with each student playing the experience individually and then coming together for discussion."