16 Feb

"Inanimate Alice: The Last Gas Station" Feedback

It's certainly been a rollercoastery week [or dozen] here at MBD Headquarters, with "The Dead Tower" about to blast across the Electronic Literature stratosphere via the impending release of the Third Volume of the Electronic Literature Collection, our + Dreaming Methods' Transmedia/VR Project "Pluto" getting much Tumblr love after winning their 2015 International Award, and last [but in no way least] "
6 Feb

Coming Soon: "Inanimate Alice: The Last Gas Station" Official Release

The official release of "Inanimate Alice: The Last Gas Station" (aka Episode 6) is swoon-worthy-soon!
12 Jan

The Shortlist - 2015 New Media Writing Prize

The 2015 NMWP Shortlist is out now: huzzah! And one of those projects that made the shortlist is our "I Work for the Web" Netprov: double huzzah [+ a corresponding deluge of gratuitous exclamation marks indicating as such]!!!! The fabbotastic Mark C. Marino had this to say about the shortlisting: Nice news: I Work for the Web was shortlisted for the New Media Writing Prize!
8 Dec

Countdown Begins to "Inanimate Alice: The Last Gas Station" Beta

It's been a long time coming, and now the beta release of Episode 6 of the born-digital series Inanimate Alice is so close we can almost taste it. Ian Harper, the Series Producer [with whom I'm currently in the midst of cooking up an exciting new Inanimate Alice Storyverse co-production] has this to say about "
5 Dec

#PRISOM + Pluto at the 8th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling

Now the showcasing-dust has settled and the conference is all wrapped up, have a dual-image-squizz at the #PRISOM and Pluto setup at the exhibition component of the 8th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling: PRISOM Being Played At ICIDS 2015 Pluto Environment Demo at ICIDS2015 If you could do with a quick explanation of the Show, here's one: