3 May

"Hunted Down": A Mysterious Package Arrives

Well well well…I've been waiting for this mysterious parcel to show up for a while now, and it in no way disappoints. Consider the below a type of "visual unboxing" [or actually, an "unparceling"] of the latest in our "Rumors of My Death" project. This intricately beautiful remixed+remashed book offers the following by way of its official introduction:
12 Jun

Announcing "Rumors of My Death" With if:book Australia

Rumors of My Death Source Text- "The Guardian" After an amazing development meeting earlier today with Simon Groth, head honcho of the Oz branch of if:book, I thought I'd take the opportunity to fill you in on some discrete details regarding our new remix project called "Rumors of My Death" [#RoMD]. If that sounds like something that's right up your creative alley, please feast your no-doubt-friday-workbleached-eyes on the following.
19 May

Rumours of My Death - if:book Australia

"Taking its name from music and remix culture, a 'mashup' in literature is an extended remixed work that often brings two disparate works or genres together and 'mashes' them into a single new work. In literature, popular examples have taken the form of classic literature crossed with trashy genre, but Rumours of My Death will instead 'mash' past and present.