2 May

A Year and a Bit: The Good, The Bad, and the Mugglesy

Seems it's turning out to be hellova year here, and we're only 4 months in. So far in 2017, here at MBD we've had Digital-Fiction-Award-shortlisted projects, and honorable mentions, and theorising all over the MDB shop: most of which have been centered on the release of "All the Delicate Duplicates", on which we hit the big red Steam publish button in February.
24 Aug

"The Journey Home" + Forced Affectivity in VR

So I just finished playing through this Virtual Reality Experience for the Vive called "The Journey Home" [TJH] which has left me confuzzled emotionally. At first, the experience was hard to get into with a rushed intro containing similar-sounding voiceovers resulting in the main characters being confusingly difficult to distinguish. The scenes that followed weren't polished or sophisticated by any means, but the interactivity was solid for the most part.
3 May

"Hunted Down": A Mysterious Package Arrives

Well well well…I've been waiting for this mysterious parcel to show up for a while now, and it in no way disappoints. Consider the below a type of "visual unboxing" [or actually, an "unparceling"] of the latest in our "Rumors of My Death" project. This intricately beautiful remixed+remashed book offers the following by way of its official introduction:
5 Dec

#PRISOM + Pluto at the 8th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling

Now the showcasing-dust has settled and the conference is all wrapped up, have a dual-image-squizz at the #PRISOM and Pluto setup at the exhibition component of the 8th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling: PRISOM Being Played At ICIDS 2015 Pluto Environment Demo at ICIDS2015 If you could do with a quick explanation of the Show, here's one:
1 Oct

"\oriGaM[e,]i[,+ U]/" Published in Cordite: UMAMI Issue

Swoony: that's the feel-good-term I'll use for being notified that one of my fav codeworks [or code poems, if you will] has just been published as part of a Special Issue cooked up by Cordite Poetry Review and The Lifted Brow [who'll publish their half in mid-October, which will feature textual remixes, visual illustrations, songs, and gamified versions of some of the poems that feature in the Cordite issue].